We offer several clinics for our clients to encourage owners to keep their pets at peak fitness. These are run from our Pontefract surgery.

Dalmatian_young_dog5 month old health checks

When your dog, cat or rabbit has their initial vaccines at our surgery, we will invite them along to our free five month old health check clinics with one of our fully qualified veterinary nurses. This will allow us to weigh you pet, advise on flea and worm control, discuss pet insurance, and to advise on neutering. Our nurses will also be able to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have about your pet’s wellbeing.

dental_diseaseDental Homecare clinics

Dental disease is a big problem for domestic pets. Around 80% of dogs and cats over three years old have significant gum disease. Our nurses will be able to advise on the most appropriate plan of action to ensure their teeth remain in top condition. This is a free clinic.

fatdogWeight clinics

Another free clinic, our nurses will not only weigh your pet, but measure their neck & girth sizes. This gives a much better picture of the progress the pet is making in the quest for the perfect weight. Advice is given on feeding, diet, treats, and exercise. We will give you as much help as you need to slim your portly pet down to optimum weight.

old-dog-300x225Golden Oldie Clinics

There are some diseases as your pet gets older that are not outwardly apparent. Earlier detection of these diseases can markedly improve life expectancy, and ongoing quality of life. We invite dogs and cats of seven years or over to have a ‘Golden Oldie’ check. This involves a full clinical examination by our qualified nurses, and analysis of a blood & urine sample to check for diseases such as diabetes, liver and kidney disease. The full cost for the clinic is only £25 inc VAT.