We are getting ready to welcome our customers back inside our buildings for consultations.

From Monday 17th August if you would like to accompany your pet in to the consultation it will work as follows.

On arrival at Pontefract please text your surname and pets name and the bay you are parked in to the number displayed on each bay.

When it is your turn a colleague will come out to the car. Only 1 person will be able to attend and face masks must be worn. Each entrance has automatic hand sanitisers to be used on entrance and exit.

Once in the consultation room you will be asked to sit behind the screen

A nurse or animal handler will control your pet whilst the exam is carried out.

At Castleford enter reception and maintain social distancing outside.

Respect the governments social distancing and remain 2 metres away from staff and fellow customers.

We can post certain medications including preventative medications, please call us.

Allow 48 hours notice for repeat medications due to decreased deliveries.

Payments should be via cards rather than cash.