alistair-minAlistair Brown

Alistair is the owner of the practice as well as working full time as a Veterinary Surgeon. He has worked here for 20 years and has a number of interests including Keyhole surgery, Orthopaedic operations, cardiology and medicine. Alistair is a keen runner, and he is often responsible for signing the team up for crazy endurance challenges, all in the name of charity!

Sue Hamblin

Sue thrives on medical and surgical cases performing a wide range of operations. When out of work she can be found possibly climbing a mountain or cycling the length of the United Kingdom.

Karen Goff

Karen qualified in 1991 and enjoys a varied caseload of medical and surgical procedures. Having twin children keeps her so busy coming to work is where she is calmest.

Katie Morton

After gaining a broad knowledge of small animal practice, Katie has embarked on a surgical course to further her skills.
Yorkshire through and through Katie has a great sense of humour and is inseparable with her dog Hendricks.

Amy Greenhill

Amy can’t resist a pet in need. She has taken many strays home even ones with serious medical conditions. Her friendly smile professionalism means she is a credit to the practice.

Oliver Waite

Oliver is our homegrown talent. We were lucky enough to help with his training and are delighted that after qualifying he has chosen to come and work with us. Not currently having any pets, we are looking to change this very soon!


Helen Stovin

Helen is completing a medical certificate in Dermatology. Skin conditions are one of the most common problems we see in practice and they can often be very complicated and difficult to treat. Her expertise in managing these conditions is an invaluable addition       to our team.

animal care-min

Animal care assistants

From right to left

Emma Hirst
Emma has been with us for over 19 years, known affectionately as the cat whisperer she puts patients at ease and has vast experience with all species of pets.

Stephanie O’Hagan
Stephanie splits her time down the middle between our two branches, and she is often found preparing and maintaining our surgical suite, the backbone of the practice.

Hayley Ward
Having worked for us for over 12 years Hayley assists in theatre and works on a part-time basis. She also assists the Vets in consultations, stocking and cleaning.

Olivia Cammack
Olivia joined us in 2014 after completing an animal care course. Her friendly and outgoing character is always appreciated by the staff and the patients.



Pictured at the front right to left we have

Nicola Gough
Our Head Veterinary nurse Nicola is no stranger to the needs of our patients, and it is her mission to provide excellent care to them throughout their stay with us. Having been in practice for over 20 years, her expertise is invaluable. She has two dogs a cat and two children keeping her on her toes.

Kirsty Greenhoff
Kirsty has recently qualified as a Registered Veterinary Nurse although she has worked at the practice for many years. Her passion is inpatient care, and geriatric cat care is top of that list, understanding a pet’s needs and wants is vital to speed up recovery.

Along the back row from right to left

Lucy Green
Lucy has been with us for over a decade, and she enjoys consultations and medical cases. Her Weimaraner can often be seen at Castleford keeping watch over reception.

Heather Blades
Heather has been qualified for 13 years. She has a keen interest in physiotherapy and has been instrumental in setting up these clinics in our practice and has shown first-hand the marked improvement in the animals lives she treats.

Matthew Greenwood
Matthew is our Practice Manager and is in charge of the everyday running of the two busy surgeries. Having a labradoodle, two cats and rabbit he keeps busy when he’s not at work

Rachel Torn
Rachel has been in practice for over 15 years and had an interest in anaesthesia, nurse clinics and theatre. She has rescued a number of dogs and cats from us even when they have needed operations and long-term medical management.

Fiona Taylor
Fiona is following on in the physiotherapy route and arthritis in older patients. She goes nowhere without her Yorkshire Terrier; he’s not the scariest looking pet!

Our office team


Vickie Worrall
Vickie is our reception manager, having worked for us for over nine years. She has rescued a number of Staffordshire Bull terriers over the years, a breed often found in rehoming kennels, her understanding of the breed enables her to fully socialise them and integrate them with other dogs.







Faith Gledhill, pictured left
Faith joined us as a Veterinary nurse and quickly found her passion for front of house. What she doesn’t know about swans is not worth knowing, and she has been responsible for saving countless numbers.

Rebecca Bailey, pictured middle

Rebecca has come to work for us after relocating. She has previously worked in the same role at her previous practice and has a number of years experience. Having a miniature Dachshund, she is always in need of our Veterinary team.

Rebecca Godwin, pictured right

Rebecca is our newest addition to reception. Her customer focused background makes her an ideal fit for our front of house team.








Julie Gledhill
Our office manager has worked for us for over 35 years. She also heads up the wildlife rescue team, and yes she is Faith’s mum. Julie processes all insurance claims for our insured patients, and her office duties mean she is often kept locked away in her office, but she usually has a staff dog to keep her entertained.